Last piece of unwrapping gone wrong

Hey not sure if this is the right area to post this but here I go…

I put my seams down, selected the faces, pushed on unwrap.
My faces are flat.
I used 3dsmax for 4years never had big issues wit unwrapping.
I don’t know if there is any issue with the way I tried unwrapping in blender but it seems like a basic workflow.

You could go into one of the orthographic views (front, left… whichever way your object is rotated)… and then use “project from view” in the UV Mapping menu. That should give you a good result for those faces, then just select the polys in the holes, make sure they all have seams cut and then just use Unwrap on them.

Yeah that was eventually the solutions that I also found some minutes ago but no perticular reason my orginal unwrap is weird with the original solution? Maybe blender still need some improvements on some parts. Still pretty nice software. Thank you for your help!