Last thing I show you.

(macke) #1


I made this:

I really don’t care all that much about any things I may have missed, things I did wrong (in your opinion), and such. If I did, I would have posted in the WIP section, if I had posted at all.

It was not made with blender, the models started out in blender but I quickly changed modeller to clay as the blender flaws became apparent to me again almost instantly (I had stopped using blender for a while, using other software). It was then shaded and rendered in XSI, post production was made in photoshop.

This is the last time I post any pictures on these forums, and likely one of my last posts in all. Have a good life and good luck with decoding and rewriting blender (trust me, you’ll need it).

(CurtisS) #2

Well, if that’s the way you feel, dude, then CIAO!

Interesting tent by the way. Are you hiding in there?

(BgDM) #3

Well, for one, I won’t miss you. I don’t even know why you have bothered to be here in the first place. All you have ever done, from way back on, you have done nothing but bitch and complain about blender and bash everyone’s work. So good ridance.

You should go post this on cgtalk and see the bashing you get.



(blengine) #4

thats a really good pic… the bg is classy and well done…i like this…
though why did u switch modelers? from what i see in the scene, its not too complex at all and blender could have easily handled it…??
the lighting is good too

but, i have to say, the whole picture was ruined by all your copyright text, lmao…

u could have just used a giant watermark eh? hehehehe

(macke) #5

N-gons dude, n-gons.

It happens.


Sucks to be you I guess.

You sound like someone who has complete historical information, seeing as you got it so right.

Sucks to be me I guess.

BgDM, perhaps you and other blender users should do less bullshit talking and actually produce something? Might be fun to know that many ex-NaNers feel the same, if they even care.

Cya on CGchat.

(fullback) #6

Macke just likes to hit people for reactions. :o

(blengine) #7

lol, u dont need n-gons to model a tent, ‘dude’… :wink:

BgDM, perhaps you and other blender users should do less bullshit talking and actually produce something?

ive actually seen an increase of high quality blender art produced lately… y dont u look around before judging so hastely, cause the only bullshit is that which is comin from you, ‘dude’…
lol your being hypocritical, you produce nothing with blender and bullshit talk non stop…hehe…no wonder your photo is so mean looking, youve got the continuos taste of shit in yer mouth cause u cant stop spittin it out… but thats ok, i dont judge :wink:

you wont last at cgchat too long with your attitude/skill/ugly mug…lol, so, im predicting an “Im back!” post in the near future… i wont hold a grudge :wink:
“welcome back macke! how bout a blender picture to go in this blender forum next time eh?!”


(macke) #8


(fullback) #9

Imgranpaboy, you are only feeding Macke’s addiction! He needs attention. It doesn’t really matter whether the responses to his posts are positive or negative, only that there is a response. FEED ME!

Macke is obviously a talented guy (his artistic and coding ability are unquestioned), but he seems to have some stuff prowling around in his psyche that could use some repair. Let’s not be too hard on him.

(PILER) #10

yes macke is very autistic

(Sutabi-old) #11

Macke never done anything to me. He seems ok to although gets moody a bit Its nice work, theres nothing wrong with changin modelers just keep an open mind. Very nice work is just about all i can say

(Dittohead) #12

I sense tension.

Everyone think happy thoughts!!!

starts laughin’

laughs REAL hard

laughs so hard barfs down self and craps selfs pants

(macke) #13

If I may: Hahahahahahaha! That was indeed quite funny. Anyhow, thank you for the kind words Mr. Fullback.

And yes, I do crave attention, we all do in some way, but the attention I crave from this community is none. I could have gotten no replies and wouldn’t have cared. Now I have gotten replies and hey, I’m not one to look behind. Why not reply?

I guess there won’t be much of anything but flaming here though (not like I didn’t beg for it), so I’ll just say bye.

(tordat) #14

Hi macke

Is there a last thing to tell us ?

BTW, did you ever had a look in a german dictionary concernig your name?

(scrappy) #15

if you were leaving the community, then why did you come back 6 hours later to check if you had any replies??? i thought it didn’t matter if anyone replied? but what does it matter, im only an amature who just so happens to enjoy blender :smiley:

(0ptikz) #16

Very Nice work Macke.

Right now I have absolutley zero desire to fight with you so I’ll say this; Your a talented artist who I’m positive will go far in life - It’s just a shame you have chosen to alienate yourself from the Blenderusers of this forum - But I guess that’s just the way shit goes sometimes…

…Good luck in life, love and whatever the f*ck else comes your way :smiley:

Have a good one, I’ll miss your dildo’s!

(fullback) #17

You’re welcome, macke.

And yes, I do crave attention, we all do in some way, but the attention I crave from this community is none.

Pain! Suffering! Drama! Tension!
People often say that words don’t hurt, but that isn’t really true in this case is it?
No fighting for position! I’m first in line to slit my wrists!

(harkyman) #18

Macke - I just - sheesh. <Shakes head. Waits patiently for the day Macke will exhibit anything other than piss-poor thirteen-year-old behavior.>

I guess that’s an okay picture. Good luck.

(schock) #19

Very nice work. Rarely see that quality of work in this forum. You going to the xsi forums?

(blengine) #20

Rarely see that quality of work in this forum

ouch what an insult to the community! :wink: have u checked this forum lately?? :-?