Last time I bought a record

The paranoid industry won’t even let me listen to the music as I like :< . I want to put it in my mp3 player so I won’t have to carry all those cds around, but no, the copy protection prevents it.
So I guess I’ll just have to crack the protection or download the tracks from some pirate instead, and then why would I want to buy the cd in the first place?
I know this topic has been up before, but I’m just angry at how the music industry treats its customers :x . But since I’m no longer one of those customers I guess I don’t have any reason to be angry any more… problem solved, for me at least :expressionless: .

  1. pofo

He He He. You are the kind of person that scares the hell out of that industry, because lawsuits and a dead business model can’t control irritated individuals. Eventually they will come to their senses, but it is going to get worse before it gets better.

What exactly is a “record?” Wait… oh yeah… but what does Guinness have to do with music? %| :smiley: [!]

I was at Best Buy last night looking for a CD that I really wanted for Christmas (if I told you what it was, you’d flame me–but it’s not something really popular, I think, not like Britney Spears-Fully-Lodged-In-Head or Devilina Aguilera). Earlier, I’d seen it there, and wanted to get it. I have a gift card from Christmas that might allow me to get it. The first time, I would have gotten it if it wasn’t for the line to check out; the second time, the ONLY copy of it they had there (maybe it is popular) was gone. Today, they’re supposed to get more… but if the line is still long… AAAHHH!

It would be much easier if record labels allowed us to make the CD ourselves. I’d download the MP3s or whatever, burn them on a CD, and pay Best Buy $15 for letting me do it. (That’s how much the CD costs. Duh.)

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough guts to go and ask somebody if they have something without a parent to help, so I can’t go and download the pirate tracks.

I have even stopped buy stuff long ago, nor do I download music :stuck_out_tongue:

it is like, not that needed for me, a radio is enough for me 8)

hehe, yes that is true well, I do some streaming radio, where you can
pic what area you want to listen, so, you can tune as you like :Z

What you’re trying to do is as it is now, completely legal, what the industry does with all copy protection sh** however is not, it’s against the patents of Compact Disc. So, go ahead and sue them, you’ll need alot of luck if not money thought :slight_smile:

Eh? How so?

Oh, and I’ll tell you the stupidest thing, Music CD-R’s vs. Data CD-R’s. See, the RIAA worked some deal so Music-specific CD-R’s are a few bucks more, and it goes to the RIAA, the recording companies, and alegedly to the artists. The stupid thing is, I’ve got a friend, and he has a device which aparently can tell the difference, and only burns to Audio CD-R’s (I’ve never had a problem puting music on regular data CD-R’s with my computer CD-RW… he’s using a Roland digital audio recorder/mixer). The funny thing is… everything he tries to burn is music he and some friends record. Mostly him and one other friend, who play a gig every Friday night. Not only are they the performers, but all of their music is either written by them, or public domain (very, very old… 1930’s blues like Robert Johnson). So what then… Now Lars Ulrich is getting paid for John Doe Nobody’s music? Now who’s stealing from who.


MP3s rocked. On “Drops Of Jupiter,” “Sinner,” and many other CDs I’ve gotten from my local library, there were 2 tracks from each one that were good–otherwise, they were okay at best. Why pay full price for a CD you’ll only play one or two tracks from? No reasons really come to mind. If there was something that allowed you to download some songs from, say, Celine Dion (randomly selected), and you downloaded only 3 tracks, and you payed for them, that’d be fair. However, downloading 1 and paying for the whole thing is unfair.

The music indestry is gay now. It’s not about the music it’s about the money. In 1969 half a million people showed up to some thing called Woodstook held in a little farm. How many of them payed?? probably not even half. people started hoping the fences and the ticket holders just gave up and said have fun becuse that’s all it was about is fun and music. :smiley: but now the only reasone some people do there shity as RAP CRAP is for the money. :<

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