Last two movement problems

Ok I am using linV to move around and it does great, but I have two problems left that I am having a real hard time solving.

  • when you go up the ramp and get the top of the first level instead of continueing up the stairs I walk to the edge and walk off but just before I fall It stops moving because of my ray. How do I get it to walk off and yet still fall ?

  • I have at the top of my platform a little bridge to other platforms when I go across it is just fine until you go to step onto another platform just because it gets hung up on the side of the platform *the bridge is not perfectly aligned but just slightly below the top of the platform, sorta like a step. How do I get him to walk up this step ?

Here is a blend so you can try it out your self and see my script.


linV movement.blend (180 KB)

For the first problem use a radar sensor instead of ray.

I added a radar instead and for somereason I cant move at all O.O

I never used a radar before and from what im understanding how I have it it should be working …

Does this look like i didnt something wrong with the radar sensor in the .blend ?


linV movement.blend (180 KB)

For the step problem, use an invisible ramp to move the player up it.

ty for the input =)