Last week I learned about animation. These are my finale Renders


They definitely got more and more exciting. Nice camera shake in the last one.

It can be easy to get carried away with bloom. Are these default Bloom settings?

Thank you for these kind words! Yes, in each one of these animation I didn’t tweak the Bloom, just clicked Bloom on.

The camerashake is a part of the tutorial I followed by CG Fasttrack

I really like them all. Especially the last one, wonderful.

If you want to improve, here are the things that I noticed:
If the first one should look like boiling then I’m missing a heat source. For some small waves and ripples it is too much effect.
The second one looks a bit too unnatural. The rotation is too uniform and the ball jumps too high without loss of energy.
In the third one it looks unnatural hiw fast the gun can change its direction. There should be some more damping involved (although I’m not sure if it would be easily possible to do this with constraints).
The last ine looks very very nice.
And maybe reduce the overall bloom (or reduce the emission strength)

thank you! Your critiques are really helpfull for my projects in the future!

I’ll keep them in mind!