Last words.

This is the sad story of a crushed man.

Made with blender 2.61
Rendered with blender 2.62
Cycles render.
10,000 render passes.
40 hours of rendering.
About 3 weeks of molding and texture.

Not that good, but it is one of my best renders so, I am proud of it :smiley:



That’s really good (And a lot better than what I’ve ever made).
It would seem that your picture would be the beginning scene to one of those cool thriller movies…right?

@ Thanks! :smiley: That is not a bad idea! :smiley: In fact the only reason I even work with blender is because when I get better at it I plane to us it for my movies :smiley: lol

Wow, I’m pretty sure I saw this in the WIP thread and I didn’t expect it to come out this good! I think the paper came out great. A few critiques would be that the bottom of the glass looks really odd, and not round. Shouldn’t be hard to fix if you want to. Also the gun model could use some work but its not that bad. Great job.

^ Thanks! Glad you liked it, I will consider fixing those things!

Very nice Samuel. My crits on the text of letter. LOL
However, so many hours for rendering… so many passes.
I can’t understand why. It looks a rather simple scene.
You could try this: On glossy materials, add a mix shader and plug a light path/is reflections or is diffuse. See if you lose any significant quality. This trick eliminates most of the noise. Expecting a 10-20 mins render time.

Thanks michalis! :smiley:


Yes, I have a diffuse on most of the glossy, but there is still lots of noise… /: and I have CPU rendering, so that does not help :frowning:

Michalis… what did you mean? I am probably sounding stupid, but I am not sure what i should do… /:

You said “On glossy materials, add a mix shader and plug a light path/is reflections or is diffuse.”

So… where do i add it? Like what node do I put the mix in /: Help? :smiley: A screen shot maybe? :smiley:


:evilgrin: NICE! I was wondering if you forgot about the project. hehe. Very nice, great job!

^ Thanks! lol, no, I did not :smiley: lol