Last work with blender

Hello Blenderartists :eyebrowlift:

This is a short animation of my last paid work. I´m quite satisfied with the result, because the deadline was quite stressful :stuck_out_tongue:


The package consists on 3 models: a soldier, his weapon and vehicle, really mid-poly i guess, all with diffuse, specular and normalmaps on 2K.

The render it´s pure viewport render animation ( OpenGL ) but with a little postpro ( Glow and CC )

Thanks to Michael W for his fantastic addon, has been indispensable for the textures :wink:

Hope you guys like it and help me with critics to make it better next time :yes:

Beautiful piece of work there

Thanks man :wink:

Great models and even better textures! Keep it up, man! (I hope you were paid well ;))

Thanks ristesekuloski, i´m a fan of you and it´s a honor that words coming from another artist like you