Late night after the premiere of Sintel

That’s fairly harsh, I can’t help but feel that you’re mocking our Blender benefactors - zero points for you pal

Haha, way epic :smiley:

Hatchnet, I was expecting critique for not having cleaned up mocap data enough and for poor lighting, but yours caught me with surprise. You might want to check this out.

looks good ThomasL apart from the obvious,

any chance you could guide us through how you did it, im trying to follow the video here but it is an old video, your guidance on this im sure would help a lot of peeps

Click on the links below.

@ ThomasL…clearly Hatchnet has NO IDEA what you have done for the blender community. mind you, im still angry at you for the day i spent downloading revisions of blender and makehuman because i couldnt import MHX. then at 12.20am i realised that i’d had the solution since midday. damn you Mr.Larson. damn you to an animated purgatory! Jk.

That was hilarious, a couple of times there i noticed her leg twitching super fast, I believe this may be a failed attempt at her almost falling and then catching herself? Maybe slow down the sections with quick twitched like that, as its a dead givaway at how hastily it was animated ;D

Jaja, funny idea! :slight_smile:
I wanted to see her fall over the bin.