Late Night Bar

I decided to grab a random picture off Flikr and try to model what I saw in the image. Here’s the original:


(The original is also attached, but I just wanted to give credit).

I already have two problems with this scene:

  1. The lights in the background don’t seem “glowy” enough. They look like I just took a paintbrush and put them there.

  2. The scene overall is very empty. I probably need more lights.

This is far from what I want from the scene. Any suggestions on how to make the scene more “full” and more like the original?

Actually, could a moderator please move this to “works in progress.” Sorry, thanks.

First of all, your scene does indeed need some more props and stuff, but the image doesn’t offer much to work with.
I don’t think you’re planning on modelling the guy :p?

Your light are indeed kinda painty. Looks like they have been painted in through GIMP or Photoshop. There are so many lights that they all seem to be 1. The effect of those lights can be done by camera focus, I think. Just put them way behind the glass, and they should be blurred like on the photo. I see that you already know how to change the camera focus point :).

Give the surface (the table…) a darker color and increase the reflectivity.

You forgot to add the beer card that’s underneath the furthest glass.

Is that straw emitting light? Is it alien?

Is that straw also dissolving in the lower part of the glass?

Happy blending!

Yeah, I’m not quite sure how to make the lights more like the photograph. I basically modeled paths that matched the light shapes and then added a particle system that was made of halo spheres (emitting light, of course). Can’t think of any other way to add the “glow” effect (unless I go ballistics on the “glare” composition node)
Actually, wasn’t planning on modeling the guy…still a novice at modeling. I suppose I could use makehuman, but every time I do, I feel like I’m cheating. :confused:

For the lights you might try using a few sphere of the correct size. Give their material some Emit value. Then in compositing use a Glare node set to Fog to make them glow and a Defocus node to blur them. Good luck; your idea has lots of potential :slight_smile:

I agree with Rabid Rabbit. Remember that the picture you’re viewing is actual objects that are blurred from a focal length decision by the photographer. to reproduce that you might want to try to actually make the objects, or as close to them as you can guess, and then reproduce the focal blur in blender. that blue light may have actually been a window… I don’t know though.