late night whip

its a zombie…prolly not the kind that first popped into yer mind… these ones actually ‘walk’ among us…

comments? id like to hear some =)

WOW, that is amazing!! i cna’ even tell if you did the brick wall background of if you got a photo. Amazing Zombie, very crisp, well done.

thats dam good work


great stuff man.!

thanks alot for the comments =)
i finished it up, added new stuff (threads on the pants tears, glasses, pills, bottles, labels, money, hair strands, new belt studs instead of spikes, ya, ya, ya, blahblah)
what ya think?

i originally drew a design for this guy to be real cartoony and birhgt drinking soda pop and jumping in the air…i dunno what happened…

lol so a happy cartoon with a soda turns into a zombie drug addict. hehe

That is looking great, keep up the good work. =D

HOLY CRAP! You have got to be the best out there! That is amazing!

damn,you guys are making some killer work!
very nice indeed!


very nice! love the lighting, and the worn patches on the bluejeans are perfect.

Really great!

Um… yeah, really great!

  1. pofo

you rock 8)


I don’t know how you did it, but the surroundings in this picture have a professional touch. They are deep and realistic, and I like lightning too.

T-shirt looks very plastic. Also the face texture looks very hard/solid. But maybe you did them on purpose?!

Again, one of the best Blender shots I have seen. Great work.

  • MoreK -

wow thanks all for the replies! i wasNT expecting so many good ones…yeah, i agree with the shirt and ive fixed it already, i think…its wasnt really laying to good on his skin, so i folded and sized it on him better… thanks again… ill post up an update today with the shirt details… and ive started an animation on him, i have to finish up the alleyway… everything is rigged and for once i didnt cut corners on the model, so hes ready for his 15 minutes… =)

That is really incredible! That has to be some of the best
rendering/lighting I have seen – was that rendered in blender?

cJ maTeriO!


thanks for the reply…yeah, that was a blender render =)…3 lights, 2 spots, one hemi.

"cJ maTeriO! "
lol thats classic…

Show us more show us more, tuts tuts tuts!
You make Blender look really good. (emphasis on REEEEEEEEEALLY)

Iamgrampaboy is da MaStA

Really cool,

liked those trousers much :slight_smile:


that is really good. Heres why:

You not only made the person, but you made an ENVIRONMENT! So many pics here are lacking an environment, so when one comes along that actually has an environment, it sticks out and looks good.

Nice work, although the guy could really use a nose!

“Nice work, although the guy could really use a nose!”

lol i know i know, i regretted it after i finished it…but he was suppose to be a cartoon… i guess i could still add a nose…ill do it 8)

thanks fer yer reply :smiley:

I have only one thing to say: