Late withdrawal: Renderman stylization + organic armor

Updated image.

The first iteration.

Renderman was realistic cyberpunk, now becoming stylized biopunk.
Also, why on Earth would he wear pants?

Luckily, I already made a stylized base mesh before, so I’ll use it here.
I’m going for a Gigeresque organic armor with insectoid elements (the helmet in particular, or protective shoulder pads).

For the surrounding robotic elements, I’m thinking of either tentacles or insect arms.

Is this Renderman or his archenemy? Or maybe it’s just a dude playing a VR game, hence the lack of lower body attire…


The design of the torso and shoulder pads feels okay to me but the arms aren’t finished.
I’ll also delete the placeholder pads around the arms as I might add an electronic(?) device to the forearms, a la Predator.

Shoulder pad.

Viewport front view.

Can’t wait to get to the texturing part.

I love me some white-colored armor but it doesn’t feel right without textures.

Viewport back.

I still haven’t decided where and if I can add lights (like the blue ones in the original). One idea is to add glowing insects crawling on his armor.

All in all, it kinda feels like I’m making a villainous version of Renderman…


Great idea! Hahaha, I love the underpants. I wonder if you can set up the Sketchfab viewer so that it’s close up when you start and underpants are the zoom-out reveal

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Thanks a lot! I’m planning to animate the character and maybe I can position the starting point as you said, and maybe the camera itself can be animated… I’ll play around with it for sure

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Just got back from IRL stuff, so I hope I’ll finish this project in time.

I added a mask and pants to place them somewhere behind him on a hanger of sorts, or in a box.

Upcoming tasks: retopo, texturing and animating


He’s looking very nice! Any plans for the background? Make sure to get it on Sketchfab by Thursday, September 15, and tag it #bcon22challenge

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Thanks! Initially I was planning to add organic insectoid arms, mimicking the concept of the original.
But now that there isn’t much time left I’ll probably add a box saying something like “Gigerator” that he probably got off Amazon… :thinking:

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Good luck!

Just got back from unexpected IRL stuff again. I did the retopo and texture baking but not the animation.
Sadly, with one hour left, there’s not time left to animate the dumb little dance I wanted, but good luck to everyone who submitted their entry!