Latest Blender 2.45 Crashes the latest iMAC

Hi sorry if that has been asked before. I did a search in the forum and did not find any relevant information.

I bought the new iMAC yesterday and dowloaded and installed Pyhton 2.45 . When it launches if i click inside the viewport everything is fine but once i click outside the vieport the rainbow spinning ball appears and the iMAC stop responding only the mouse pointer is movable. I have to shut down the power and restart. I also installed the latest python 2.5 and the latest blender custom build for python 2.5. It still freezes.

Anyone know why?

This is my first iMAC (eventhough I am an experienced pc user) so go easy on me:spin:

Yeah I’ll second that. I’m having the same problem as above.
I just posted because misery loves company;)

Oops spoke too soon. Looks like someone else already found this problem and apparently you should get this driver update: