Latest Blender - Cycles Noise in Render Problem


I am getting weird noise and I’m lost of the cause. I have setup the lamps to be 1.0 or below energy. Additionally, I toned down the materials the glossy would create less noise.

As far as rendering, the passes is set to 4096 at 6/6 shown in the image but the results is still bad. I’m a little lost as to the problem. I’m sharing the blend and picture of the results.


Any help appreciated.



Set the Clamp Indirect value to something like 1 (which will reduce or even eliminate the fireflies at the cost of some bias in the lighting).

I would also increase the Filter Glossy value a little bit (0.10 is quite low).

Physically based rendering benefits best from realistic light energies, since light falloff is inverse-square. If all lights are 1.0 or less energy, you’re not really illuminating the scene well. Furthermore, tonal relationships would be unrealistic. This is where you get the effect of old video games where lighting was calculated with low dynamic range resulting in scenes that lacked the depth of real life. Unfortunately, doing this can result in fireflies, but unbiased rendering was never cheap to begin with.

This is the image after the change from 1.0 and 0.5 respectively.


Shadows are a bish for cycles, Easy solution for shadows is more samples.

Go down too light paths first and turn your diffuse bounces down to something like 5 You don’t need the camera to do even that many bounces for this. Then go up to sampling, And change it to branched path tracing, And with this you can fine tune how many samples of what you get. Try like 500 for the over all render and like 12 for the glossy and diffuse. (Do a few test renders and then always add two more to the glossy and diffuse)

Both responses helped out a lot. The fireflies are tamed mostly.

I thought the less value the light the better preventing chances of fireflies.

Yes, I didn’t word the last sentence clearly. I edited it but my posts and edits are delayed. Sorry! Anyway, I meant doing it with the wider range can result in fireflies.