Latest Build - Crash on delete

Downloaded the latest build, reset everything to factory defaults.
Closed and restarted the program, with hte default cube highlighted, hit delete to remove the cube, Blender quits.
Also, auto-smooth no longer works correctly, activating it produces hard edges no matter the angle set.
Can anyone else confirm?

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Download the latest build…

I downloaded this about 4 hours ago, the Dec.17th version is fine, this, not so much.

Download again. I reported this bug and it was fixed…


I can’t reproduce crash after latest commit.
Clément fixed auto-smooth, one hour ago.

Does it happen if you delete cube by using X key which is calling a pop-up ?

Ahh, will do :slight_smile:

The delete happened no matter which way I did it, del key, x-delete, or object-delete.

same here… crash on delete… however, I noticed that there are about two builds per day. I am watching this like a hawk lol… A new one exists already…

I manually download each version every time one pops up and I setup a test folder system were I move the old zip to a folder and delete the current build then unzip the new one. I also watch this link every few hours to see what is new and what to expect… in cases were like what just happens, I revert back…

Yep, doesn’t crash on delete or have the auto-smooth issue on that build. Never thought to check more than once a day. Proof how hard the devs are working!

Just to expand, I check once in the morning and once after about 8pm my time, which is Chicago USA time on the time zone, or CST. Usually there is a second build… Of course, figure out your time zone and adjust accordingly. It’s like watching grass grow in a particle system in real time… lol yea, ok, I just geeked on that one… oh well

after 30th april 2019, linux latest builds are not updating ? is it stopped ?