Latest Build - Download

(vklidu) #1

I wanted to download latest build
But for mac there is available already two weeks old version (April 6) even all other platforms are dated April 21.

When I check Recent Builds page
there is confirmed successful build from April 21 (5:00).

Any reason why can’t be downloaded?
It is not going to be linked to the download page automatically?

Thank you for help.

(mib2berlin) #2

Hi, nobody maintain OSX for Blender therefore is a missing alembic update and builbot stop working.
No idea about the link.

Cheers, mib

(vklidu) #3

Thank you for your attention.
Probably my english, but I didn’t understand your answer so much :slight_smile:
Your first sentence is related to 14 days of lack builds for OSX …
Your second sentence to my question why build (confirmed on Recent Build page) for download, is not for download, right?

Anyway build is ready to download :slight_smile: Yupííí

(mib2berlin) #4

Yeah, jensverwiebe updated the alembic library.