Latest Development for Fluid Designer

Here are some features that i have been working on with a team of developers. I am interested to hear what the Blender Community thinks. These Tools were designed for interior designers, but the functionality can be extended to do exterior design as well.

Wow. What an excellent set of tools! These could be useful in so many places too, not just interior design.

Wow this are fantastic! not just for interior design, but the drag and drop nature of assigning materials and so on, this should be on trunk NOW, I would pay for this for sure, you should mail this to Ton, I mean really this stuff covers lots of interface problems that Blender currently have and you have it all working so smoothly! do tell when will you release this tools.

That is a very impressive set of tools. I work for a trade show display company, and we use a lot of modular walls, cabinets, tables and the like. I could see how this would be a definite improvement for a lot of design tasks. Will there be support for making custom parametric objects?

It seems to me like most of the radical interface changes will be unlikely to make its way into Blender (especially the ones specifically geared toward interior design), but I could see some of the tools and the asset system making its way into Blender in some form (perhaps through the asset browser window project from Elubie and in the form of addons).

Why not go ahead and sit down with Ton and see which of these features would be okay for the general Blender project.

Wow…This tools looks amazing. The drag and drop option for materials is especially nice. I’m sure there will be much interest in these features. Thanks for sharing

I really hope these make it into the trunk, and sooner rather than later. They are marvelous. When I used 3DSMax, the only thing I liked about it was how quickly one could throw together a scene using the presets. If Blender gets that capability, that would be beyond awesome.

I assume the presets are pulled in from a library file, that is customizable. Is this the case? Can we add our own models to the library?

SterlingRoth, Yes. This video only shows a small amount of the automation tools that have been created. We have also made an entire set of tools that help you manage a library of parts and components to create complex parametric objects. I will create a video showing this functionality soon. Thanks everyone for the positive comments.

Back in 09, I created a 3-part architectural video course for another 3D site in Max. Having tools like this even in Max would have made life so much better. Not only do I love what you’ve done here with the tool, but the UI design is equally remarkable. Perhaps you could also share your UI scheme and perhaps even become part of the greater UI team for future Blender development?

Good luck to you. You’ve done an excellent thing here.


ok, take my money and give me that build xD

Thanks, A lot of time was spent working with the Python API to simplify the UI, and still allow for all of the flexibility and wide set of features that Blender provides. I would be happy to work with the UI Module Owners to help implement the UI Schemes they think will work with default Blender.

All I can say is wow! Nothing short of amazing. Definitely going to be excited to see how all this progresses. Thanks much for sharing.


Good work, and thank you

and when it will be released?

Wow, just wow, incredible job!, the assets manager, material and the right click are the most incredible things in this custom build, among the other amazing features. in Trunk NOW!!! xD

I think there’s more than enough room in the existing UI design team to add one more member (especially someone with the skills to work with the UI code), I could see you taking the place of Brecht in some instances and freeing up time for him to work on other features. :slight_smile:

I am trying to have this custom build of Blender available early next month. It might take awhile to implement some of these features into trunk, and there are some features that might not even be a good fit for default Blender. I guess it just depends on what the community thinks. As soon as i get a chance i am going to be making more detailed videos of all of the features.

" I guess it just depends on what the community thinks." You have a good sence of humer:cool:

Looks enough easy to build interiors in real life projects, its just matter of using custom objects. Those width labels are nice, maybe there are space/option to add height also of each object. And a way to render those labels also.

Yes it’s possible to maintain your own custom libraries of parametric objects and groups. Since these objects use a combination of python drivers and constraints it’s possible to modify anything about the products. I will explain this in the product creation video i am working on.