Latest Optimized Windows build: Sound goes *poof*

I’m using Zebulon’s latest optimized build from graphicall and now the sound on Windows has stopped working. I heard it stopped working on Macs but now it’s gone on Windows too.

Can anyone confirm this so this can be fixed in 2.48a?


Hmmm: I tried Jorgie’s rev. 17151 build and the sound works again, maybe it’s the optimizing that breaks the sound?

If so can someone see what in the optimized builds breaks the sound and what in regular builds doesn’t?

nope i compiled SVN and no sound.

Then it’s probably a bug needing to be fixed, if this is in 2.48a it would be embarrasing for the BF to distribute Yo-Frankie and get tons of comments saying the sound isn’t working.

Well then submit it to the bug tracker??

Im sure that will get the developers attention.