Latest release, adding node crashed Blender

Can’t seem to use Compositor with recent release 48868. I get crashes whenever I want to use nodes. Simply adding or removing them hangs Blender.
Anyone else have these issues, it’s a graphical build.

Vista win 32 bit. Nvidia Geforce7100


I have found that the compositor must be set to OpenCL in the comp nodes properties window. If CPU only then I get crashes.

It’s crashing very often too on osx. I don’t see any pattern yet - except Z Pass to Viewer crashes almost all the times…

EDiT: r48884

@*current state it’s impossible to work with… (but for me that’s since Tile Compositor is merged…)

I gather osx is very hard to build for anyway.

I wouldn’t say that. Without gcc 4.6 it’s really not very difficult…

I’m compiling trunk right now so I should know in 5’ or so.
The compositor is very crash-prone over the past two weeks. On my linux box it tends to crash upon deleting the render node! :0

damn, it failed to compile successfully, returning a mask operation error! :0

I’m getting lots of crashes, only similarity is that it occurs when adding a node. Not every time I add a node, but often enough to make it unusable for me.

Oh no back to crashes. Think it may be memory issues.

Can’t you just go back to an earlier release?

Mango is bringing so many cool features compsoitor I just can’t go back!

Also they fixed a couple of bugs that were show stoppers for me :frowning: