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(IanC) #1

Whaddya think?

(Friday13) #2

Hey, nice toon dog-whatever thingy. :stuck_out_tongue:

(snailrose) #3

Hey…that’s really cool :smiley:


(basse) #4

the dog is great! can you actully move it (animate) and it still looks so much drawn… ?? the lines on that thing really look like simple, fast ink drawing… love it!

about the second picture… I like the glowing of it… is that level 1 magic missile his shooting? :slight_smile:

one thing I dont understand though:
quote: "The rest in Photoshop 4(soo old and crashes all the time!) and (my personal favourite) Gimp. "

why do you use old crashing down software, when you’re favourite new not crashing is gimp??


(IanC) #5

Basse : I just used photoshop 4 for the flare because Gimp is terrible at doing them. Everything except for the flare was done in blender and gimp.

The dog can be animated and keeps the same effect, however when you move the camera it can look like the lighing is moving, also there are some camera angles which make it look very odd indeed.

The dog is best for stills.

is that level 1 magic missile his shooting?

Dunno what a level 1 misslile is!

(TurboG) #6

Magic Missle…Isn’t that a move used by fairys in OgerBattle 64 And Tactics Oger:Knight of Lodis? Or maybe thats in some other game :slight_smile: I know I’ve played a game with that move :slight_smile:

Dog Pic is great! I tried some toon shading and didn’t even come close to that result! Could you tell me where you got those Materials you said you downloaded for it?

The second picture is good too and in a way…does look like magic missle!