Latest SVN version lacking basic functionality


I have the latest SVN version of the 2.5 brach and it’s lossing basic functionality day after day! First of all, I noticed that z no longer switched to wireframe mode. Today, the numpad is no longer working (not even the 0 for the camera).

Plus, the “Render presets” combo is not functional anymore. You can select a preset (eg “TV PAL 16:9”) and the settings (Resolution) are not changed at all, no matter how many times you change the presets combo.

So, what’s going on with blender? How can such a basic functionality be not working. Am I loosing something instead? They key mappings may have changed, but I think the presets combo should be working…

Anyone with the same problems? Known workarounds?


Edited: Revised the build log and noticed that Blender is no longer compiling in my machine. This may be causing the trouble. Thread stopped until build process is fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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