Latest upbge

(Lostscience) #61

okay I will wait.

(Liebranca) #62

so i have some good news and bad news.

good news is I can pull off libload on a build from about a year ago.
bad news is latest build crashes as soon as I try to import anything from my libraries.
will investigate further.
ps: i love u

(araagon) #63

New UPBGE is very powerfull. This is a demo scene with more than 3000 objects, 2,3 mln tris, 5 AI ships and still stable 40 fps with recording!!

(BluePrintRandom) #64

I am on upbge 0.2.4 / GE_mesh_builder_last_master and It appears stable :smiley:

(farhani) #65

Animations are slower in this version.
I am currently using Upbge 0.2.3 and when a load a project from 0.2.3 to 0.2.4 (and save it from inside 0.2.4) all animations are slower. My default animation rate is 60.

Am i missing a setting?

Also, i don’t know if this the right place to report a bug but when i try to add a state actuator to an object, 0.2.3 immediately crashes.