Latest upbge

(Lostscience) #61

okay I will wait.

(Liebranca) #62

so i have some good news and bad news.

good news is I can pull off libload on a build from about a year ago.
bad news is latest build crashes as soon as I try to import anything from my libraries.
will investigate further.
ps: i love u

(araagon) #63

New UPBGE is very powerfull. This is a demo scene with more than 3000 objects, 2,3 mln tris, 5 AI ships and still stable 40 fps with recording!!

(BluePrintRandom) #64

I am on upbge 0.2.4 / GE_mesh_builder_last_master and It appears stable :smiley:

(farhani) #65

Animations are slower in this version.
I am currently using Upbge 0.2.3 and when a load a project from 0.2.3 to 0.2.4 (and save it from inside 0.2.4) all animations are slower. My default animation rate is 60.

Am i missing a setting?

Also, i don’t know if this the right place to report a bug but when i try to add a state actuator to an object, 0.2.3 immediately crashes.


(BluePrintRandom) #66

so I have 150+ fps while recording in standalone mode

whatever is happening seems to be forced V_sync related, but only in windowed mode.

Thank you UBGE team, with that, I have offically migrated to upbge 0.2.4 / GE_mesh_editor_last_master

(Fred/K.S) #67

I managed to test out my Game and Boy Ohhh my 0.2.4 seems to be the most POWERFUL Version to date for UPBGE !!!

  • It runs my Game super smooth !!!

Workflow is freaking fast on my high end iam totally impressed at what the devs did for this Engine.
While i wont be migrating to 2.4 yet i still have alot to do in my current version of UPBGE 2.0 Which seems to be for me amongst the most stable versions UPBGE has !!!



After seeing it grow I must say that I’m very pleased with what UPBGE has to offer and its additional features.

Wish you good luck with expanding it even farther.

My only complain is that I have a small problem related to GameObject.collide method when used inside component…

(BluePrintRandom) #69

open a issue*

(CYNIC78) #70

Hello BluePrint. I wonder why don’t you join UPBGE team. You are very skilled scripter and artist - i always watch your videos and i love things you do! I think you could help build UPBGE. :slight_smile:

(BluePrintRandom) #72

I have a build env setup, built my own copy of 0.2.4 / GE_Mesh_Builder from the source,
I am official collaborator in upbge , however I am still not good at C.


Sorry for late reply, but aside from opening a new issue on github (which I have done) is something else also needed?

just asking, because I’m quite unsure about how it works.

(BluePrintRandom) #74

we should get to it shortly

(CYNIC78) #75

Good to know. You are good BGE master! :slight_smile:

(modelinblender) #76

I have seen this clip, a beam effect. Can this be used for a bullets, so energy weapons.

I guess this is close enough to what I would need.

(Daedalus_MDW) #77

im having issues with color management in upbge 0.2.4. it appears texture nodes have no effective way of setting the color space. the work around is to set the texture to “raw”, but the work around doesnt work in exe.

as much as i hate using srgb, sometimes when collaborating i have to use it.