Latmaelk Carton renders

Long while ago I did renders of Milk carton, files provided by Micheal Peters for some project…learned a lot with it.
There are 2 more, Blender Cycles.

This ones main, I received some constructive criticism on camera’s position and that they wanna see it with different angles, I gonna have to find time for it though :confused:

this one is another main render :cool:

this one was a test and turns out to be good :rolleyes: later I thought I could’ve used internal for these two :stuck_out_tongue:

I like how looks the first scene. The out of focus in background and how the sun shines on objects. Maybe I would have chosen a picture of a more sunny day, but I like it.

good modeling, texturing:

-1st image: bg is very dim, add more contrast to it, maybe change the sun position, you shouldn’t photograph opposing sun light.
-2nd image: add more geometry to the milk sim.
-3rd image: add more focus to the carton, the bg is brighter than the cartoon.

Thanks, guys. Appreciate.