Lattice animation breaks procedural texture

I have a simple character which I’m just trying to do a very simple animation of it bouncing–such that its shape deforms and “squishes” and bounces back. I hooked a lattice to an empty and accomplished the motion I was after, but the eyes mess up. It kinda looks like the texture mapping is getting moved. I followed this tutorial to make the eyes:

Here’s the blend:

Blobby_AnimatedLattice_1.blend (4.5 MB)

Using Blender 2.81a.

It could be possible that your texture mapping node have an automatic vector input instead of object input or UV input. For moving the procedural iris texture with the object it must be object or UV to follow the mesh.
for object coordinate mode . It means that the object origin is the center of the texture position. If your object is skinned and move without his origin but with bones or other tricks the origin will not follow.
If it s uv based. The mesh vertices ll be the texture position.

Yes, it’s because you’re using object coordinates on corneaMAT. These texture coords are in object space– based on the position, scale, rotation of your object, as seen at its origin. If you deform the eye, as with a lattice modifier, your eye will have different object coordinates.

Remake the material to use different sets of coordinates. Personally, here, I would use UV coordinates and a hand-drawn mask rather than a gradient and a color ramp, but you can do whatever you feel comfortable with.

Ah, that helps, I was never really clear what “Object” actually did. I got around it by good ol’ vertex groups and assigning separate materials. Thanks! :smiley: