Lattice assistance

Hello recent blender convert from 3d max and this is my first post here.

Im liking blender alot more than max in most instances but one thing i am running into that so far im not a fan of is the lattice system.

Best way i can describe is through pictures here.

So unfortunatly i can only upload 1 picture so ill just use the max end i want and see if i can recreate it in blender.

Okay in Max if i want to make a lattice i can just a apply a modifier and get the result i want. in this case taking a cube with one end shortened in the Z axis then applied some extra loops then latticed in the X so those loops follow it perfect for a nice flat and angled faces.

If i try the same in blender and try to take the lattice object so it lines up perfectly when i add the lattice modifier it take the transforms from the lattice and apply them to the object so it wont match up perfectly even after applying transforms.

Then if i just try and get the shape i want and get all the vertex in the right spot the side will have a small curve to it instead of being flat.

If i could post more pictures it might explain it better but my real question is can i just lattice like in max or am i just missing a setting or plug that might be useful or am i just stuck with how lattices work in blender? Thank you.

After alot of digging i did find this magical addon: EZLattice Free/Plus 2.80: Deform and Reshape Models Quickly

This fixes my issue tenfold!

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