Lattice deform and path deform dont work toghether?

I have a thing deforming thru a path with curve deform, but i want this thing to also, when it passes thru a lattice , to deform .

And i cant do it.

when i lattice deform parented it automaticaly desparent itself from the curve of the path defrom.

what can i do ?

here’s the blend

You are using the old parenting method.

Remove the parent object relationship, add a curve modifier in the modifier stack and type the curve’s name. Then add a Lattice modifier and type the name of the lattice.

It works, but I think the result is not what you expected because the lattice has an effect not only when the moving object passes by.

I suggest you make the lattice travel along with the moving object. Use the curve as a modifier for the lattice. To make the object deform in the right moment use a shape key in the lattice. You can of course make a shape key directly on your mesh and forget about the lattice.

wow , i didnt know you could do curve path and a curve deform with the curve modifier , i didnt even knew it existed.
Thanx ,

but if i use a shape key for the lattice its not the same efect , because the lattice is following the object , it just morphs to that shape while moving , i want the morphing shape to pass trhue .

i’ll try and tell you what i found.

thanx ;D