Lattice Deformation: first use confusion -- coordinate systems?

I’m attempting to use Lattice Deformation on an ‘eyeball’.

Although I’ve APPLIED ALL TRANSFORMS to both the eyeball and the lattice, which is centered around the eyeball, adding the modifier jumps the eyeball itself vertically (+z). The eyeball is NOT at the world origin.

I did not parent the eyeball to the Lattice, which seems like it should work since all their transforms are Applied. If someone could walk me thru which coordinate system is being used, that would probably clear me up on this: it seems that Global coordinates are somehow creeping in, although both objects ‘think’ they are at 0/0/0.

That’s the thing. Don’t apply transforms on the lattice. It’s location and size should be set in object mode, since it’s using its vertices’ local coords to offset the affected object.

I am setting the loc/scale in Object mode, definitely not in Edit mode, for the reasons you’ve stated.

Should I not ever Apply the Lattice transforms, and just leave them alone?? They are non-zero.

For my understanding: even if Object-level transforms are Applied, aren’t the vertices’ local coords untouched? Or is there some background compensation being done that makes this not work?

(Coord systems always confuse me, especially when Parenting creeps in – Rotations are a nightmare.)

But when you apply it’s the same if you’d set them in Edit mode.

Yes. Lattice’s objects transforms are just for fitting the object. Actual deforming transforms are made with shapekeys/modifiers.


AHHHH! “The dawn breaks…” :+1:

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