Lattice deformation with scaled lattice

I have an object in my scene that I want to deform with a lattice.
I create a lattice in the scene, and move it, and scale it to surround the object I want to deform.
Then, I add a lattice modifier to the object, and select the lattice I created in the modifier.

This instantly scales the object in ways that I don’t need.

What I expected: The object would only scale as I deformed the lattice after applying the modifier.
What I got: The object deforms depending on how the lattice is already deformed.

This is different behavior than I am used to, and it makes it harder to use a lattice, as I can’t shape it to my needs before applying it.

I have tried “applying” the location and scaling of the lattice, as well as “clearing” them - and neither seems to have any effect.

Is there some way to do this? (ie, using a deformed lattice)TempLattice.blend (480 KB)TempLattice.blend (480 KB)

  1. Delete the lattice.
  2. Add a new lattice and move it in object mode to the middle of the object.
  3. Scale it in object mode until it encompasses the object.
  4. Choose the lattice segments
  5. Add the lattice modifier to the object and link it with the lattice.

Any changes you do to the lattice in edit mode will affect the object, whether it is before or after you added the lattice modifier.


TempLattice2.blend (438 KB)

Thank you! Works great!