Lattice driving me crazy

I’m creating a rig right now that needs a lattice to allow toon-like deformations for the head, I’ve put a 2x2x3 lattice around the head, and by using vertex groups on the lattice and an armature modifier, or hooks that are controlled by bones, I can make the armature move the lattice (or more precisely, its control points) around. If I let the rig in rest pose, (not move or rotate the head or parent bones of the head) this works. I can rotate eyes, pose the mouth, eyebrows etc, and on top of that, I can sheer the entire head if I want to.

The problem is that it does’t work as soon as I want to pose the actual body.
The lattice deformation seems to be multiplied, as is the head rotates twice as fast, and starts the deform along extra with the the lattice’s deformation cage (eg. control points)

I know mancandy does something like this, but between all the extra bones, hooks and modifiers I don’t see what.
At first I though it was because of parenting. The lattice didn’t had any hooks controlled by children of the headbone, but a bone that copies loc/rot from the headbone. But If you remove that bone and parent the sidehead bones directly to the head, everything still works. Same thing with removing a little bone on top of the head that copies half of the loc for the headstretch…

Then I thought, maybe the head might only be deformed by lattices, but that is not the case. The most important part for me (the eyes) get influenced by both bones (eye.L) and lattice (Lat-eye.L, and head lattice or something…)
So it IS very possible for an armature and a lattice to deform the same points, without messing each other up…

I have a face that works, without lattice “Toon-setup” I just want to add some toon-flexing on top of that.

Anybody with a clue how I should do this?

I can’t explain you in english, but I made something as you want for Pantin (download from my signature).
Pantin’s eyelids are deformed by lattice and by armature, but I used a 2nd armature. The bones of this 2nd armature have ‘copy rot’ constraints from the first armature but not ‘copy loc’.
I hope you could understand me…