Lattice error "lattice deform object must be a lattice"

I am trying to create a lattice modifier, I have 2.47, I found a video tutorial. When I have to write the OB jobect name linked to the latice I got a message “lattice deform object must be a lattice”

Here is the video I follow and I got the error at 2:35 this is where I copy my object mode and got my error message.:spin:

I am too tired to watch the vid but i am pretty sure you didn´t have it that way:

MeshObject <- apply lattice modifier.
create LatticeObject (a lattice)
in the Modifierstack of the MeshObject enter the Object Name of the LatticeObject which in most cases is Lattice per default after you add>lattice.


Forgive me if I’m not 100% understanding your issue, but just wanted to mention that I find it quick to just make the lattice the parent of the object I want to deform, which is all you need to do to make the transformations happen to it.