Lattice gone mad when I connect lattice with the object and press Ctrl+P


This time I have problem with my lattice and object when I connect them with Ctrl+P This happen before and I forgeth how to solve the problem.

I select the object and press Ctrl+A + Scale/Rotating

I select all items and press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C and back to original

I select Head+ Eyes before I select Lattice with Shift down and use deform Lattice and the head gone mad and crazy.



Don’t apply your transform on your lattice.

Thanks for helping, but I dont understand ( where I need to do that). I need to connect the lattice with the head and eyes by hold Shift down when I press Ctrl+P (Deform Lattice) OR???

I still Have Big Big Big problem when I try to apply my head-eye to the lattice.

I try to made one brand new project with an simple cube and have no problem at all when I move my cub around???.

I think it,s a bug I run on a iMac mid 2011 and Blender 2.77

Do not do a control A on your lattice “APPLY” in the object panel. Don’t apply your transforms. Delete your lattice. Add a new one. Scale it to fit your head. Stop at that point. Then parent your object to your lattice.

You telling me to parent the objects Head and Eyes without lattice thats an inpossible mission. Dont Work at all.

I have few years ago always use Ctrl + P Deform lattice without any problem. Why problem this time.


Hello again.
I have try at least 50 times to connect lattice to my Head+Eye but still it not work for me. I start to think there is a bug somewhere on the line.
I have following the steps exactly as it suppose to do as I always have done without any problem before.

Add Head and use Ctrl+A - Scale
Add and select Eye and Shift+S - Cursor to Selected and Ctrl+A- Scale

Add Empty Ctrl+A - Scale. Add Constraints + Track to and connect eye to empty. Working perfect. (Always)

Add Lattice + Scale up and Ctrl+ A - Scale

Select Head+Eye (Not Empty ?) and with Shift down select the lattice and use Deform Lattice (Nothing els work)
And the head blow up and gone mad. Thats stupid.

Here I going to prof there is some stupid problem somewhere.

I started a brand new project with same many objects (2) 1 Cube and 1 UV-Sphere.
I following exactly the same steps as the first one and lattice work perfect. (I deformed Lattice)

Can you add a lattice on my head +eye and connect them together so my empty can move the eye separate and send back the blend.

Thanks in advance.

This is what stilltrying tried to explain twice, but you fail to understand:
Do NOT APPLY the scale to the lattice. Scale it up and leave it as is. Then continue with step 5.