Lattice/Mesh deform support in BGE

I am currently building a model of a tongue in the BGE that can be deformed using mocap data in real-time.
Because of the complexity of the tongue mesh and the fact that I only have three sensors, I would like to deform it using a lattice or a mesh deform (I do have an armature parented to a simple mesh that works appropriately, but the parenting it with the tongue mesh is tricky due to the shape).

I saw thisupdate that suggests that lattice might work in BGE, but from my testing I can’t see a way to access or manipulate a lattice using an armature in the game engine. I have had success deforming a simple mesh in real-time with the armature, but it would be great if there was a way to make this move the complex mesh without having to assign vertex groups or bone weights by hand (ideally I would like the complex tongue mesh to be replaceable)!

Any tips or shared experiences of deforming complex meshes in the game engine would be greatly appreciated (I know many of you will flatly say that using BGE for this is not recommended, but I’d really like to try and find a solution in BGE if possible, it’s to be used for scientific purposes!)