Lattice modifier question


Is there a way to “set the base pose” of a lattice? If I move the lattice verts before applying the modifier, the target mesh still warps. Okay, but I need to change the lattice to a meaningful size and shape before I start deforming things.

If I want to manipulate a sphere using a lattice, I might want to set the base shape of the lattice to that of a sphere (there’s even a menu option in the Lattice’s edit mode to do this!).

I also want to set the base size of the lattice. If I want to apply a lattice to a really large object (say 100s of BU across) I don’t want to manipulate a tiny lattice. Is it possible to resize the base lattice shape without scaling the lattice object?

don’t use lattices. use the mesh deform modifier. you build a mesh cage around your object, and that cage becomes your lattice, essentially. that way you have more control over the shape and control points. unlike a lattice though, your object will be bound to the cage by vertex groups, so, something like passing a school of fish through it, which would be fine for a lattice, will not work with this method. but if you just want to deform something, it’s a much better way to go, and is also highly useful in animating.

I think a lattice can only be square or rectangular in shape but if you scale it in object mode it will not affect the mesh. Anything you do in edit mode will change the mesh.

if you unparent the mesh from the lattice you can scale it in Object mode.
I don’t think there is a reset btn. Sometimes I worked with shapekeys, so make the base “normal” and add a shapekey which you will be editing, if you don’t like it, delete the shapekey and you’re back to the base.
You can also try to make a new lattice, and exchange the datablock of the existing lattice.