Lattice modifier with some areas unaffected

Is there a way to apply a lattice modifier to an object, while leaving some vertices in that object rigid, or unaffected by the lattice? In other words, I want to give my object a bend, while leaving part of it that interfaces with a buckle unbent.

Of Course! 1) go to your mesh and select the vertices you want the lattice to modify. 2) go to the object data tab. 3) make a new group by click the + 4) assign the value of 1 (or however you much you want the lattice to affect those verts) 5) select your object and add a lattice modifier to it. 6) choose the object lattice and in the vertex group put in the one you just created. 7) now go in edit mode of the lattice and it only affects the parts of the mesh you assigned it to :slight_smile: hope this helps you out!

You can create and assign a vertex group to the object and then in the lattice modifier set that vertex group and only those verts will eb affected.