Lattice or armature for polygon hair?

I’m working with the following hair mesh. The current setup I have is a skeleton object with cloth physics applied to it, empties on the vertices, and bones to the empties in order to deform the hair as the model’s head moves. Whenever the head turns, suddenly, it jiggles a bit strangely, has a heck of a lot of intersecting and collapsing, and there are some very weird distortions with some parts of it. I currently believe that’s due to a mix of cloth settings that I haven’t finalized yet and because the weights are based on each individual hair piece, not the object overall in the sense that the closest section to the scalp has a weight of one, then .85, etc. That probably needs fixing but I don’t know how to do so without also causing the hair to drop.

However, I recalled lattice modifiers can be used for hair as well. Since I don’t need each piece moving by itself, do any of you think that using a lattice to deform the hair might cut down on the intersections and other distortions? Thank you.

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Lattice modifier have no collisions so your hair mesh will be intersecting into character mesh…

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So a lattice with softbody applied won’t collide with anything?