Lattice to mesh

Is it possible to deform a mesh with a lattice and then convert the deformations into a mesh? suppose I latticedeform a sphere, then go to edit mode and it still looks like a sphere. How can I enforce the lattice deformations so that when I enter edit mode, I see the DEFORMED mesh, rather than the original?

If you have Blender 2.34, you have the tool you need included as a Python script.

Add your Mesh Cube, subdivide it a couple times,
Add a Lattice, adjust its parameters so that it envelopes the cube,
Parent the mesh cube to the lattice,
Make the modifications to the lattice to deform the cube,
Re-select the deformed Cube,
Open up a Scripts Window, and from the Scripts menu, Select > Mesh > ‘Apply Deformation’


Delete the lattice

Try CTRL-SHIFT-A on the deformed mesh in Object Mode.

Haven’t tried this yet (at work now with no Blender) but I’ve always thought it would work only for meshes deformed by an armature. Am I right?

For Egg:

Yes that would be the logical way (not to mention a lot faster method) for it to work :wink:

For olivS:

Yes, it works also for armatures and the wave effect.
Basically, it just takes a dump of the mesh data and saves it to a new object.

Also, the credit for the script goes to theeth.