Lattice trouble

hows it going im new here :cool:

i was having trouble when making an eye in blender (also a blendnewb)
im trying to form a lattice around it like a tutorial is doing but the lattice outline doesnt show anyone know why ?

i had tried it before on a different blender but i recently updated and its a no show


press the button next to “1” (not 2, but the other side) witch will show every layer, then in the outliner (top right corner) find and click the lattice, then Alt+H to make sure its not hidden, then press Comma (or period, depends on your keyboard) on your numberpad to frame the selection.

if non of that worked, then there is no lattice.

heres a screen shot im pressing the buttons but no change is showing

Theres suppose to be a wireframed cube outlining the object i rez it on but it doesnt pop up as if its invisible and i try unhiding it but still no show

one more thing i just started blender with its default cube and added a lattice and nothing but when i put the radius up it showed the transparent cube scaling out , but i tried it with the uv sphere i want to use it for and nothing put the radius up to 100 and no transparent cube … whats going on ? lol


Try this…Add a cube give it a lattice…You can’t see the Lattice … because it’s smaller than the cube.
So resize it to be a little bigger than the cube…Click cube add a Lattice modifier…You can use the Eyepicker to select the lattice…
Select Lattice…Click the latiice Icon in Properties Panel…Go edit mode and move verties to deform cube.

Just remember the cube need to have some geometry to be deformed…Subdive it it a few time…:slight_smile:


Thanks for the response it works for a cube but with the uv sphere in the image i try to expand the radius and it never shows im trying to make an eye so that it rotates while flattened a bit but still move as if sphere shaped

ok see look i copied and pasted my mesh and then did what i wanted and its fine but id rather not do this since my reference image is in the main file … help :eek:

Upload Your Blend file then it’s easier for people to help You.


In the first screenshot, you have enabled option Display: “only render”. That means, lattice and all other objects that don’t have something solid, will not be visible. Just uncheck it and continue.

Thanks a lot man that was it. It was right in my face lol