Lattice Vertext Groups: How do they work?

I am trying to delve deeper into Lattice for modeling and I have so far been able to isolate the modeling area that the Lattice performs its deformation on by creating a vertex group on the mesh. When I add a Lattice deformation modifier to the mesh, I assign the Lattice and then the mesh vertex group. So that works great.

However, I was wondering, how do vertex groups work on the Lattice itself, since you can see two areas, one where you can create Vertex groups (as well as Shapes) and above it, where you assign the vertex group to use as an influencer.

Could someone please explain and possibly give an example of use for these?

Thank you,

Like you say it yourself. 1 is for creating vertex groups, the other is for assigning the vertex group.

If you want only the top half of the lattice to deform the mesh, you create a lattice vertex group of only the top half, and assign that as the influence.

Hi, Sago,

The reason I am asking though is that in the influence field on the Lattice, it normally has a dropdown of what vertex groups are available and it doesn’t list the one I made. If I type it in, since I am not sure what the effect it has is, I can’t tell if it is doing anything more that I am already doing with the vertex selection in the Lattice modifier.


Well, the vertex group input in the Lattice Modifier is for the object’s (mesh) vertex groups. And the vertex group input in the lattice properties is for the lattice vertex groups.

Both seem to work fine. Just adding a vertex group (click on +) is enough for it to show up in the dropdown list