Is it possible to animate lattice deformations?

What I am tring to do is “morph” a sphere to a cube, if ya have better solution for achiving that in Blender, much aprichaeted



In the example provided tho object is “pulled” through the lattice, but I need to animate the lattice control vertexes…


The page also states: " Animate the vertices with vertex keys (or relative vertex keys);".

Select your lattice, press “I” and select “Lattice” (last menu entry).
Move to your next keyframe.
Press “I” and select “Lattice” again.
Enter edit mode and move the control points around.
Quit edit mode and go to the last keyframe.
Press “alt-A”.

I don’t know how “correct” this process is, but it works.

Do exuse my idioism :expressionless:
but is there a way to change the keys later (timing)

my first attempt to achive something in Blender
(Used using sidefx houdini) and the workflow is bit different :wink: but like it so far…


AFAIK suck things are generaly done with IPO curves. Go to the IPO window and change the IPO type from “Object” to “Vertex”. If you aren’t familiar with IPO curves I suggest to watch the video tutorial.

When you insert vertex keys on a lattice it doesn’t prompt you with the usual “Relative/Absolute” question, however, you can actually set Relative Keys on in the Edit buttons. Once you’ve done that, you can use the Action Editor sliders to animate it properly. No need of IPO stuff (though delicious :smiley: :smiley: )

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No, Sodipodi (back before Inkscape was forked off) and Gimp. Did you see the sketch?

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