Lattices and Curves

(Detritus) #1

I´ve got two problems in Blender that I would really be glad if someone could help me with!

The first one is about Lattices; I´ve formed a mesh to the shape I want with a mesh, and now I want to delete the Lattice but keep the shape of the mesh intact. How do I do this? I´ve tried every command on the “Clear Parents”.menu, but nothing helps. The mesh just goes back to the previous shape.

The second one is about curves:
I´ve made a VERY complex curve (it´s a logo) which I want to render as an extruded object. The last time I tried it went fine, but when I tried it today, something strange occurred; there was no Front and Back-faces on the curve. And yes, the Front and Back-buttons under the Curve-settings is activated. It´s really strange, becuase I can see the faces when I go in to solid/shaded mode, but not when I finally render it. Is there anyone who knows what to do?

Big thanks to anyone who could answer this!

(microman) #2

To your first Question All you have to do is select the model hit CLRL+SHIFT+A and then enter…it may make the model look strange but just enter and exit edit mode and it will be caned and you can no delite the lattice.


(theeth) #3

About the curve problem, did you modify the geometry between each render? Sometimes, when curves are intersecting, Blender no longer knows what is open and what is closed.


(azrael) #4

One other option for the lattice it just to move it to an other layer. If you do that it is no longer in your way but you can then continue to edit your object later on.

(Detritus) #5

Thanks for all the tips! But azrael, won´t the lattice keep on effecting the vertices and faces in the object if I add more vertices? I don´t want that, see. Thanks anyway, man!

(KarbonCopy) #6

When i downloaded Blender a long time ago, there were no tutorials and stuff like that, so i’m wondering if someone could point me in the directoin for information such as what lattices are, and all those other options that i dont know how to use. . .

(ray_theway) #7

A lattice is used with other objects in a scene (maybe only meshes? someone correct me) by parenting the object to the lattice. Click the lattice and go into edit mode. Now, when you move when of the lattice’s vertices, the object changes shape in proportion. It’s like proportional editing, but a little bit easier. Like microman said, you just press CTRL+SHIFT+A to permanently apply the deformation. IMHO, this is especially good for making irregular shapes from spheres.

Try experimenting with - have some fun! 8)