Laubwerk Plants Add-on for Blender

While looking for tree assets I bumped into information about Laubwerk.
The Blender add-on is available on github.
It’s description follows, as authored by the creators (of the add-on):

Laubwerk Plants Add-on for Blender is an Add-on to import Laubwerk Plants high resolution plant and tree models.
The Add-on generates separate viewport and render models, supprint various levels of detail for each. The viewport can display a low poly proxy (convex hull) or a low detail model in any of the Blender viewport modes (Solid, Look Dev, and Rendered shown below). The rendered model geometry is generated using various parameters including subdivision, branching level, leaf density, and minimum branch thickness (maximum detail is shown in the last frames below).

The product, which has its own website, can be used on many platforms (besides Blender).
Can someone who has used it, in Blender or with other 3D s/w, give us their impression of the product.

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I downloaded and followed the installation instructions, not working.
Has anyone got it working?

thank you I’ll try it

Short story: Laubwerk does not want you to use their product in Blender (yet?)
Longer story: for the add-on to work you need a version of their SDK in Python version 3. Somehow the people that wrote the add-on for hold of that. They mention in the installation instructions that you should contact Laubwerk to get it, which i did and they won’t distribute