Laughing Man Image, How do I finish?

Hey everyone! I decided I wanted to make the image of the Laughing Man, so I started out by hand tracing it with verticies, but I don’t know how to fill it! Here is a picture of what I’ve done, and what it might look like when it’s done.

(Without the Phrase around the picture)

I apologize for the pictures, It’s late and they’re all wigged out, if you just click on it, you can get the idea. Thanks!

Sorry, wrong forum, Ill post elsewhere! Sorry

you image is like o_0 enormous. incredibly huge.

I can sort of see what you’ve got tho. You need to create faces to fill it. this is sort of a weird shape, so i dunno if beautify fill will work or not, but you can always give that a shot. Save it before you do, tho :P.

Save it to a new copy, then try this: Tab into edit mode, select all the verts, then hit F, a little popup should appear with some selections “Auto, Make F-Gon, Skin Faces/Edge-Loops” Try that bottom one, “Skin Faces/Edge-Loops”

If that doesn’t work, try auto, or you can press ALT+F to try Beautify Fill. Occasionally those won’t really do anything for me… but then i;m not really a master at that sort of modeling. I pretty much just extrude and tweak :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, just try one of those, if it doesn’t work you can always re-load your save or undo and try one of the other ones. If all else fails you can do it manually by selecting 3 or 4 verts to make a triangle or quad, then press “F”. if you only have 3 or 4 selected at a time it should just fill it instead of pulling up the menu.

yeah, I know the picture is really large, it was like one in the morning, and I didn’t have the effort to try to change it.

Anyway, Ill try that right now, I’m the same way, I usually model by extruding and sizing… So this is a new concept to me.

Thank you for your help!

Make sure that you have the same number of vertices on each loop or else you’l run into problems. To get the same loop count simply subdivied segements you have.
If the face will remain flat and you are not planning on subsurfacing you might be ok with tris.