Launch of my website [Redesigned - Opinions wanted]

…or version one of it, at least. I plan to make many changes and improvements, but this is a quick fix for now. I need to start doing some work asap this summer:cool:

EDIT: Website has been replaced with new version.

Nice website,it’s nicely structured and i love many of your artwork

Nice portofolio you have there :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

put a

border: 0px;

into the part of your style sheet controlling the images on the portfolio. The blue borders are detracting from the look of the page.
you should also validate the HTML

Looks good! Definitely follow hessiess’ advice.

Also: A different font would be cool :slight_smile: Maybe tahoma or century gothic. Make the font a bit smaller(make your whole page a bit less wide if it feels too big then)…

Either way, its quality stuff, kudos on getting it finished… I really need to find some place to host mine.

you should always use real text instead of image maps, or at least provide some text-based alternatives in the code. don’t be lazy! :eek:

I liked your works more than the portfolio, actually.

Master Danix: Thank you. :slight_smile: But of course I can improve it…

hessiess: The blue borders are a problem, actually. Not intentional. They only seem to appear in firefox though… you’re saying that border: 0px; will eliminate that?
About validation, ouch… I did not know about that. Haha, that’ll take some time…

free_ality: Thanks for the comments. I’m using hostmonster, but I don’t know if that’s really the best route. It’s not free, as we blenderheads are accustomed to. :frowning:

Jack000: I know, I know! It’s not about laziness though… I’m just not sure how to go about doing that properly… as I said, this is really a quick fix. I’ll have to do some serious re-coding.

That “Enter” screen is a dial-up killer, and so last century. All the kool kids are putting content (even if it’s just a menu) on their front pages these days. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a little verbose, as well: you repeat “Contains images…” three times. You can assume people know what a portfolio is for. I’d recommend punching up the language a bit:

Graphic Design
Posters, Logos T-Shirts

3-Dimensional Art
Science Fictional Architecture, Landscapes, Characters (or whatever categories you want)

2-Dimensional Art
Traditional and Digital

Better still, just put a few representative thumbnails on under the headers.

On the Services page, or the About page, you should mention some of the clients you’ve done work for (even if you worked for free.) That Eat Healthy poster should be mentioned as well. The button on the Services page that merely switches to the contact page should be taken out. If someone can’t figure out to click on the contact page to contact you, you don’t want to work for them, trust me.

When you mention your clients, rather than name them, identify them by industry: Logo design for Hardware Retail Outlet, T-Shirt design for High School Fund-Raiser, etc. Unless, of course, you’ve done commissions for nationally recognized firms, then by all means mention that you’ve done Posters for LaBatts Brewery.

Hmm… all very good tips, thank you Orinoco… screw this site, I’m doing a redesign!:wink:

As they say in the software industry: “Plan on throwing the first one out – you will anyway.”

The blue borders are a problem, actually. Not intentional. They only
seem to appear in firefox though… you’re saying that border: 0px;
will eliminate that?
The CSS in my origonal post isn’t quite correct. this is what I did on my portfolio, all image borders gone with one line of code.

body img {border-width: 0px}

just remember to include alt="" in your image tags!

I really need to find some place to host mine

If you want free of charge and add free then the only viable option is to convert your computer into a web server. then use a dynamic IP service like dyndns. The problem with this is you have to keep your computer on 24/7 and its a potential security hole. I ust to do this, but have recently moved to payed hosting because its so much more reliable.

The big purple border around the enter button looks a bit naff, but otherwise, great site!

The border around images depends on the default set for your browser.
Firefox seems to have a default border around all image links.
And I agree with Jack000 drop the image map and go with text. It speeds up page loading is dialup friendly and enables people to copy n paste when nessecary as well as copy links. It is also a lot easier to maintain on your end.
And as Orinoco said drop the flash up front it just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you really want to have that up front at least pair it with a slide show from your portfolio.
And may I suggest that you include your navbar in all pages? A rule of thumb for webdesign is to reach every page from any other page in your site with no more then 3clicks. And your site is not that complicated that you can’t achieve that.

Thanks again everyone for the tips. I’ve redesigned, taking these tips into consideration. I’m going for a more artsy look – yet still professional. Of course there are still tweaks to be made. But I’d like to hear your opinion on this.
I’m sure I’ll redesign again :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll check it out shortly!

Glad you got it to work.

You should put tooltips for the gallery thumbnails (title and alternate text), containing the title of each work, if they have one.

you should put a copy of your resume if your looking for work

fwiw I use Hostmonster as well :RocknRoll: And I’m also in the process of making a new site :wink:

kbot: Looking forward to your thoughts.

Friday13: That’s true. Alt text is definitely next on the to-do.

votrem: I do have a “notable work” section, but I thought it was ok to just send my résumé to people. It just says “résumé available upon request” atm.

superx10: Well well, us ftw :wink:

i like it - nice style

it could use some tweaking margin/padding-wise but it’s very neat and well done :slight_smile:

So what do you think is the best way to do that?