launch PIP from inside blender ->get dependancies from local path?

How do I make a addon that downloads external modules, and then couples them tk local os specific dependencies?

this is for a blender game, that is a customisable Pecs icon selector and speech synthesizer and later also a predictive typing system.

for non verbal childen and adults**

I need pyTTSx to work inside blender inside a distributible game engine game.

No one?

how can I install a python module with os specific dependencies inside blender/python?

There are several ways actually.

For me easiest one, Install the module you want with pip to another python install(your systems python or maybe a virtualenv). And just copy the module directory (in your situation directory name is “pyttsx”) from the another python install’s site-packages directory to blender’s python site-packages directory.
But for this to work blender’s python version should match with the other python install from you are copying.

To find blender’s python version, switch to python console and type these commands.

>>> import sys
>>> sys.version
'3.5.1 (default, Jun  7 2016, 02:56:20) 
[GCC 5.3.0]'

Another way is adding the module path to blender’s python path.
(Also , you can use this in your script and it will find your module )
for ex.

import sys

Also, i did not test them but these blender.stackexchange questions and answers may help.
How to use PIP with Blender’s bundled Python?
How to use the PIP library in Blender
Using 3rd party Python modules

I need the dependancies that are os specific PyTTS calls,

ie Win32Com and win32Api etc.

pyTTSx calls os specific libs :stuck_out_tongue: side note- the version installed by PIP is out of date :stuck_out_tongue: is where I downloaded the working installer*

Bump - this program will be easier to customize then most of the mainstream softwares and cross platform, and will get PECS icon based Text to speech to children earlier as most kids don’t get IPad/proloquo to go until 1st or second grade, and it sucks. (requires ipad and costs 250$ per copy)

and they are not allowed to bring the ipad home :frowning:

Halp me ob1 blend-obie…

If I can’t easily go this route…
what about compiling a build of blender, with pyttsx included in the distro?

I really need a cross platform way to run a blender game that uses a dependency that is os specific…pyTTSx (python text to speech)

here is the app I plan on giving away so far.

I was thinking of using fonts and icons,
by calling the image stored as same name as the intended strings.


Icon = own.scene.addObject(‘IconBlank’,own,0)
Icon[‘String’] = String

Font = Icon.children[0]
Font.text = String

is what would build the Need icon.

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Sorry dude, you’re doing something very specific that is kinda outside the scope of BA. Try a python stackexchange to see if they can help you there.

In this case, you can bundle pyttsx with the game, because it has no compile-able files. You will need Win32Api, though. You could have an installer either a) install this with your game, or b) bundle libraries prebuilt for each OS. The latter step requires you to actually build these libraries yourself (or copy them from an existing install).

goose, could you show my how in irc or pm or something?

I am not sure where to start…

what about obtaining a develop of mixer, with pyttsx involved in the distro? I really need a combination system way to run a mixer activity that uses a reliance that is os specific

I could really Use a White Knight on this one.

Youle is a saint.