Laundry Day

Hope you like this one.
It’s lit almost entirely by environment light at the window. No portal.
Plus a small area light close to the camera to lesson the shadows just a bit.

I tried not to clutter things up with props and just keep it simple. I might change my mind on that.

I used tone mapping in Gimp and I like the look.

Comments welcomed

This is very nice, only troubling bit is the lines on the corner of the sink, unfortunate shadows or low poly?
the rest is great, wish my laundry was that tidy :slight_smile:

Zentor. Yep that’s a mistake on the corner.

Thanks for looking.

You can also use filmic blender to enhance the colors and make it look natural.

And the clothes are duplicated. flip them…


I’m using filmic. Never noticed a color shift with it. Just wider dynamic range.

The “bleached” look is intentional.

Good idea about the clothes.

Beautiful laundry room! Nice work! :wink:

Thanks TutsByKai.
The design of the room was very interesting to me. Wish I lived in a home like that.

I think that a light above the sink would help to make the marble looks better. but it’s just a humble opinon. Good work,

@JoniMercado I was going for natural light, but I think you have a point.

Thanks for looking.