Laundry Line

This is one of those things I’ve had stuck in my had for a long time and I finally did it this weekend when I had some time. Coming along pretty nice so far, although I have to find something to fill in the top left, very unrealistically blank. Crits welcome :smiley:

The idea is great and the disposition of the elements is also great in my opinion!

So, the thing to do would be to improve the quality of the image.

The tree looks like a cylinder mapped with a tree texture (you want it to look like a tree, period :slight_smile: I suggest modeling details and imperfections in the tree and then applying a convincing bump map for tiny details.

The grass, I suggest you play more with the particles so it looks more realistic (if you absolutely want to use particles)… I think alpha maps could do the trick too though but particles are fine.

There is something wrong with the shadows of the sheets… too much defined, not smooth enough… I couldn’t tell!

Hope it helps because I honestly think you got a great idea and composition…

Thanks for the response Batman:

I have not done too much in Blender with bump mapping. If you or anybody could point me to a good tutorial I was appreciate it.

The shadows are a little sharp, I did notice that. I have the SpotBlend on my spotlight set all the way to 1. Is there another way to diffuse the shadows some?

One reason why they may look weird Batman is that the fence is a little bit offset from the house, and the spot is hitting the clothesline from the side, so the shadow is partly on the fence and partly on the house, which makes it look like a broken shadow. Took me a while to get used to it to, but its realistic.

An original idea… shadows too opaque.

Yes that must be it… too opaque :slight_smile:

I wanted to try to make grass after seeing your project so here it is I hope it will help you with your grass (I used the Strand property in the material editor to make the grass thinner).

I used a cloud procedural 2-color texture map on the grass…


Nice lookin grass :smiley:

I actually used Fiber to make my grass. If your not familiar, check it out: I could go back and make the strands thinner, but for now I think I’m going to focus on the shadows.