Lava Animation

Usually people don’t really want to read any of the support threads, but, hopefully I can get an answer soon. Anyways, my animation problem derives from the Lava test 6 I did (in the Blender tests forum section). Basically, this is my setup:

  • Plane with node lava material is being deformed by a lattice
  • Orco mapping for textures allows textures to deform along the path of the lattice
  • Displace modifier displaces where all the hard lava is

So I want all the textures and the displace modifier to be controlled by an Empty object. However, if I set all the mapping types to Object it no longer deforms along the path of the lattice for the material. The displace can be fixed simply be changing the order of the modifiers, but there is no dual mapping modifiers for materials.

So, if anyone knows how to fix it, or has an alternate setup, any help would be deeply appreciated.

An example file. Another problem is that the object mapping is different for the textures and displace modifier. Does anyone know how to make these the same?


example.blend (254 KB)

Take a look at this thread.

Very nice. I wish this feature was ‘advertised’ more. It would have been nice to know about it a long time ago. Would the displace modifier displace along with the textures, or would I have to do something different with that too? If I animated the textures moving across the river, that still wouldn’t move the actual displace. Which comes to the question, how can I get the object mapping for the textures to be the same as the object mapping for the displace?

EDIT: Never mind. I guess the mapping has to be Orco for it to work. So basically, I just have to wait until 2.5 comes out or try to make a procedural (instead of node) material with a texture mapped to the displace value.


Good work. Iike your bridge.

On the links below you will find a video example I made in 2005.

I have not the Blend file on this computer, and if I remember well, it was a rather heavy file.

For what I can remember, Raytracing was enabled to reflect the surrounding in the water. Several meshes have been used for different layers of water (2 layers in the flow, and 3 layers in the basin), with low alpha on the upper layer and less transparent for the lower.

The upper layer is very subdivided, and real displacement was used. In 2005, the Displace modifier didn’t exist yet, so Displacement was only visible at rendering, not allowing to be seen in real time in the 3D window.

Several rotating meshes with a cylinder shape and a different texture were used for the foam in the fall basins.

I can’t remember if I used TexMesh. Maybe for the water avoiding the big stone, but I’m not sure.

The wave modifier has been used in the basin.

I plan to put a river in one of my next animations, and I will make it differently : The water flow will be real. I mean that I will use a moving mesh instead of a static mesh with animated texture.

I will use a curve for the main shape of the river, and I will create a long ribbon mesh for the river.
This mesh will have a Curve modifier, and will follow the shape of the curve. It will be really moved along the X or Y axis (of the curve) by using a LocX or LocY (Or dLocX or dLocY) Ipo.

I hope that these informations will help…

The example made in 2005 :

Best regards,