Lava Concept in Blender

I’m currently working on a test animation to aid music creation for my feature ‘Cog’. It contains several sequences, shots, scenes from the movie. One new area that I have been working on for this is lava.

You can view a looped animation at :-

or direct links :- ~ (320x180 750Kb QuickTime) ~ (640x360 1.7Mb QuickTime)


I would suggest viewing movies of lava flow, first. IIRC in a slow lava flow sheet, lava cools as soon as it is exposed, stops emitting light, and forms a shell which stays dark forever. Then new lava breaks out of the shell and repeats the process. This all happens randomly everywhere across the surface. Your surface is merely changing from emitter to dark lava and back again. HTH.

Hi okchoir,

If I can quote from :-

Lakes or ponds of basaltic lava which may persist for months or years are intriguing aspects of basaltic volcanism. Persistent lava lakes may be established within a preexisting crater if sustained by convective circulation with a deeper reservoir.


Wow, that’s some pretty awesome lava. Looks very realistic to me.

cog I like your lava but was there a question, seems like this should be in wip or finished forums. Not that it matters to me I was just confused at first because most people put things in general when they have a question or a problem. The only reason I bring it up is more people might see it in the other forums and you might get more feedback. I also downloaded your pdf on procedural animations as I love doing stuff like that and like to see what others are doing.
I also like the moving with the moving lava.