Lava in a glass cube

My first material in cycles that I made a node tree for. Spoiler alert! It’s lava.

Anyway, I’d appreciate suggestions for the surroundings and how to change the material, etc.

Well, of course, there’s always “one more thing” that you can decide to do to the materials/texture of anything. This, as it stands now, is pretty darned good “hot lava,” especially if one presumes that no part of it has yet begun to cool. Yeah, yeah, you might or might not quibble that the gradient looks a little-bit “banded,” but certainly there is nothing here that draws my eye and screams, “fake!”

You could, of course, omit the container at any point: presumably, this is a particle-system that could be in any sort of (visible or invisible) space. And, as to what sort of Hellish environment that you could come up with in order to pour a few thousand tons of this hot stuff, well, why don’t you just go ahead and surprise us? :yes:

Sorry, but it’s not a particle system. It’s just a good old fluid simulation (So I can’t really remove the container). In fact, I had never heard of particle fluid until you just mentioned it! I checked out a quick video about particle fluid and it looks pretty cool. I guess I’ll try to change it.

It looks good. I need something like this for my tank factory scene for the molten metal effect. You should upload that on BlendSwap

There’s a blendswap, you might have to wait awhile for the admins to check it, it’s not published yet.

really cool! I love the effect of the light!

I tried rendering it from the inside, but I couldn’t get the camera angle right and it’s a lot easier to see the faces. I just thought it might be interesting.

This is 400 samples btw. My other renders were ~200.
I’m still working on converting it to a particle system, but it might take me a while.