lava lamp

i felt like modeling a lavalamp today. The glowing blobs of “lava” seemed like an interesting challenge. Maybe I’ll even animate it (although I have a few other ideas in mind as well)

enough talk, here’s what I’ve got:

What’re you all thinking?
you tell me, then I’ll tell you! :wink:

I love these lamps too ! :smiley:

thanks, i was hoping for commentson the actual lava (since it’s the only part I’ve done yet). I’m not sure it looks lava-y enough. It glows alright, but I’m not sure how to make it look more like the real stuff. short of modelling every single bubble… something i don’t have the attention span for :expressionless:

About the lava : when the lava extends from top to bottom, it’s because the lamp is already very hot. When this happens, then the lava is divided in more “bubles” than what you show.

But what you did is already a good job !

actually, I was trying to make the lava go from bottom to top. Most of it is already there and has already morphed into a big blob.

I was thinking of making more bubbles by adding more (and smaller) metablobs and then dupliverting or dupliframing them.

Looks good, using metaballs to animate it wouldn’t be too hard I don’t think (could be wrong of course).

Make the bottom less bright, it’s pitch white

yeah i know about the bottom… i turned down the emit settings and ti appeared to emit less light (less bright on the bottom parts of the lava) but the mesh glowed just as much… still a bit new to radiosity. any good tutorials?

Hmm, I was thinking the lava looks really good. It’s the outside that could use some attention.