Lava Monster

Continuing my quest to suck less at character modelling, I have embarked on an attempt to make a lava monster.

A few more angles here:

No sculpting or textures yet, so he really doesn’t look “volcanic” in any particular way atm. Bear with me on that. :wink: I’m looking mainly for feedback on the head/face. It feels very incomplete to me, but I’m not entirely sure how. (well, aside from the fact that it needs ears still). I’m a bit undecided on what to do with the eyes atm. Currently, he has empty eye-sockets and I’m a little tempted to keep it that way (go with more of a “flaming skull” look). I’m worried a bit though that it will make it harder to give any emotion to his face without any brow to furl. All feedback is welcome though!

Make the head a lot wider. Especially from the top. Make him kind of Megamind, if you want him to be ‘evilish’ looking. Right now, he resembles something more or less like Bruce Willis.